Happy Christmas from Four Generations of My Family

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas
Just like the ones I used to know
May your days be merry and bright
And may all your Christmases be white….

My maternal grandparents decorate the Christmas tree, Robin Road, Silver Spring, Maryland, circa 1952. My grandfather was a Kidderminster, Worcestershire native, and his fourth wife Lillian Marie Fox, was in all likelihood the great-great granddaughter of British Prime Minister Charles James Fox through an illegitimate line. I cannot prove it, but the evidence supports this story.
It’s Christmas 1954. My grandfather has now passed on and my parents, James Arthur Longmore and Elaine Garnand (“Sally”) have wed. Pictured with them are my grandmother and a friend called Harriet.
December 25, 1963: I have arrived and chaos ensues as the universe becomes mine. Robin Road, Silver Spring, Maryland.
Christmas 1965 in our new home in Linette Lane, Annandale, Virginia.
It’s Christmas day 1968. I now have a sister, Alice, with whom I must graciously share the Yuletide spoils. Linette Lane, Annandale, Virginia.
The newest generation, Nicholas and Emily Etheridge, with their grandfather James Longmore, in our home in Myersville, Maryland.


Author: Ann Longmore-Etheridge

Writer, journalist, editor, historian.

8 thoughts on “Happy Christmas from Four Generations of My Family”

  1. I will always love that photo of you in your mom’s lap. With that expression and your little fist on her leg, you look like you’ve just proclaimed a new law. Or are possibly plotting a revolution.

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  2. Annie, did you still live in that home in Robin Road in Silver Spring, Maryland in Dec. 1964? Because if so, sometime between my birth in April, 1964 and Thanksgiving of 1964, my Mom and Dad moved from New Jersey and lived in an apartment in Silver Spring, MD for at least a year or so (we did not move into the house in Colesville until it was finished sometime in late 1965 or early 1966 before my sister was born in April 10 1966). I wonder if my Mom or Dad remembers which apartment complex we lived in! It wasn’t a high rise or anything, that I know. Anyway, we were sort of neighbors in Silver Spring, MD before you moved to your house in Annandale, VA! At least we shared a Christmas as neighbors there!

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  3. Great photos. Even though we only have 2 generations left we also had memories of 4 generations. We made my Dad’s(your granddad’s cousin) fruitcake recipe. We haven’t done it the last couple of years but decided to do it this year again.


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